Tina is working on several projects at the moment. You can learn more about these projects here:

The Legend of Lavinia Fisher

Before Bonnie and Clyde, there was Lavinia and John Fisher. This historical fiction novel is based on the true story of Lavinia Fisher and her husband John, both accused of murder and highway robbery in Charleston, South Carolina. Find out if the legend of America’s first female serial killer is true, or just a misunderstanding with deception by the local government, which ending in the hanging of several Fisher Gang members in the fight for land.

Literary Crazy

We know alcohol helped Hemingway write the way he did, but what was the underlying reason for his drinking? We also know Poe was a little twisted in the head, after all, who claims to talk to, and get a response from a raven? More importantly, what drove him to that point? Why did the literary circles of his time consider him a crazy drunk, and write off one of Americas most beloved writers?

How to Make Friends with a Shark

Have you ever wanted to make friends with a shark? How would you even do such a thing? This playful children’s book, illustrated by artist Mikayla Murray, and written by Tina Russo Coash, dives deep into the ocean to discover the secret to making friends with one of the sea’s most interesting animals. Coming in at just under 1,100 words and boasting 32 bright and beautiful pages of art, this book is sure to entertain children ages 0-9.

Oh My! Oh My! Which Pie Should We Try?

Envision rows and rows of every kind of pie you can imagine. The air is full of wonderful, sweet smells! Which pie would you eat if you could only choose one? Would it be pecan or key lime? Maybe you like apple or chocolate mud pie! This is the question two small children face when they visit the county fair.